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13 Sep About Face CLT 2.0

We’ve been ‘working’ behind the scenes this summer on what will be About Face CLT 2.0. Turning compassion into action is our goal! Stay tuned for more poignant video releases and ways that you can connect and use your gifts in helping others...

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29 Mar A King In His Own Kitchen

Eric Belk's honesty and gratitude is something that I will never forget.  In hearing his story I can sincerely say my soul has been shifted.   Eric is very honest about his struggles in life and the decisions that lead him to years of living homeless....

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22 Mar Using Your Talents!

"What could America look like if we all looked up and saw the possibilities?" Regardless of your political views and bickering between candidates in the past few weeks, one couldn’t stop and notice the beautiful messaging behind this commercial aired during the debates. It’s the #ilookup campaign...

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15 Mar Peace Of Mind

Like many young adults, after graduating from college I moved back in with my parents to save some money so that I could buy a car, pay my rent and really start living on my own. It was an exciting and scary time but knowing...

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23 Feb Roses And Thorns

Do you ever play the Game of Highs and Lows (aka Roses and Thorns) during dinner conversation? At my house we sometimes add “thankful and toot your horn.” All in an attempt to gather information from our teenage children. Generally the answers are light hearted,...

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