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Project Protege

Project Protégé pairs established, social practice artists as Mentors to younger Protégés who are just beginning their journeys of community change making through the arts.


The 10 week intensive program is designed to foster deep and meaningful relationships between Mentor and Protégé, providing this next generation of community visionaries with tools and a network to accelerate their artistic impact. In addition to working time with Mentors, the Protégés will participate in workshops, master classes and field trips. In the final 2 weeks of the program the Protégés will present a joint, public art project.


Along the way, the Mentors will NURTURE (confidence), FACILITATE (the transfer of social capital), SHARE (wisdom), and CELEBRATE (the contributions of a young creative light).

Project Protégé was funded by the Reemprise Foundation, and carefully developed over a 9 month process that included some of Charlotte’s leading social practice artists, including Janelle Dunlap, Hannah Hasan, Marcus Kiser, Elizabeth Palmisano, Bree Stallings, Jamil Dyair Steele, Mike Wirth, Dana Endsley, Scott Gardner & Susan Campbell.

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