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What we do


Collect & Share Stories

We put human faces on complex social issues.


We partner with socially minded organizations to tell the story of the work they are doing in our community. Our approach is human centered. We gather the stories of real people, told in their own words. These stories are captured in a variety of formats including portraiture, print, podcasts, and documentary film, and then shared through a variety of platforms including social media as well as traditional media outlets. In the past our stories have been featured in the Charlotte Agenda, Charlotte 5, Charlotte Magazine, the Charlotte Observer, as well as all local television news outlets. Our team’s extensive experience in film, television, and fine art photography, combined with a deep background in psychology and trauma therapy gives our work the “special sauce” that makes it resonate deeply with an audience and bring them to a place of action regarding our targeted social issue.

Community Engagement

Once the stories have raised awareness and primed the heart, we create specific and practical community engagement projects that give people step by step pathways to turn that impulse to help others into concrete action. An example of this is our Blessing Box Campaign. It reached over 10,000 people, and participants included CMS Schools, places of worship, the government center, the police department, and many individual homes and small businesses. You can learn more about it here. We work with organizations to tailor these community engagement projects to meet their needs and goals, as well as the needs of the communities they serve. Our extensive network enables us to ideate and implement projects that have meaningful impact both on our partner organizations and the community at large.

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Stir hearts with Human Stories


Provide pathways to Engage


A more compassionate city

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