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Using Your Talents!


22 Mar Using Your Talents!

“What could America look like if we all looked up and saw the possibilities?”

Regardless of your political views and bickering between candidates in the past few weeks, one couldn’t stop and notice the beautiful messaging behind this commercial aired during the debates.

It’s the #ilookup campaign started by the American Institute of Architects. Simply beautiful. Engaging and encouraging those that have gifts to use them for the greater good.
In fact, our name ‘About Face’ was the suggestion of our friend David Furman. Charlottean David Furman is an architect and man who clearly uses his gifts and his talents for our city and for our people. David Furman honored with Charlotte Center City Partners …
We’d love to hear how you are using your gifts and talents to help others in Charlotte?
“In our hearts above all, we are creators.  We are building bridges that will serve the greater good.”
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