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As our nation and community struggle with ways to address major issues such as immigration, education, mental health, poverty and racism, families are making their way day to day – going to work, going to school and taking care of each other. The goal of our multimedia project for 2018 is to highlight the courageous spirits of the children that belong to all of us, the ways our community can actively build children’s resilience to the difficulties they may face, and the opportunities we have to enhance the quality of life for all our children.


Using interview, photography and documentary filmmaking, we will share the stories of children in our community. We will engage viewers’ compassion and awareness of our shared humanity, and provide connections to opportunities for action in the form of volunteerism, policy advocacy, or charitable support.


Community Engagement Project  




AboutFace CLT will activate the faith community in Charlotte, NC to join us in ONE HEART/ONE CLT.  


This program will focus on linking the city through the communities of faith to support the idea that “all kids are our kids”.  Each faith institution participating in the program will be given a set of suggested discussion questions to use during ONE HEART/ONE CLT month.


ONE month – targeted for the fall of 2018


ONE child’s story each week – AFC will provide one video story with discussion questions to be viewed as a congregation or in individual groups or classes


ONE person/ONE dollar – each person in the faith community will be asked to donate $1 which will go to either SCMC or ourBRIDGE to support their work.


ONE promise – the faith community will be invited to make one promise that supports children in Charlotte


ONE CHARLOTTE – to make a visible connected community and represent “all kids are our kids”, children at SCMC, ourBRIDGE and in each congregation will be invited to take selfies that AFC will have printed in large scale poster size.  These posters are made of paper that biodegrades over time and will be pasted on an outside wall of the faith institution’s building where all who pass will see. We will partner with a global project, The Inside Out Project, to complete this portion of the project. Click here for information on the Inside Out Project.


Our 2018 Partners


The stories we will be sharing this year are focused on children who are participating in the following two programs:


OurBRIDGE for Kids is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that supports the refugee and immigrant communities by offering a one-of-a-kind enrichment program for newly arrived and 1st generation American children.  They advocate for the success, happiness and fair treatment of the families as they acculturate to the United States.


The Social Capital Mentoring Collaborative (SCMC) is a innovative collaboration between The Fulton Mentoring Initiative and CMS Bruns Academy.  This pilot program will connect 21 eighth grade students at Bruns Academy with a new type of mentor. One-on-one trained “social capital” mentors will support their mentees through: 1) exposure to new opportunities; 2) networking; 3) navigating barriers to success and teaching new life skills.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about this project please contact us using the form below:



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