About Face Charlotte | Teresa And Her Journey To Find Love
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Teresa And Her Journey To Find Love


16 Feb Teresa And Her Journey To Find Love

Remember the thrill of making your school Valentine’s Day mailbox’? Awaiting love.

Back in my day it was basically 2 pieces of construction paper stapled together and decorated with lacy doilies and half eaten red hot cinnamon hearts with Elmer’s glue. Now, children have designer shoe boxes and organic candy. The overrated anticipation of countless valentine cards received saying “Will you be mine?” and “I love you”. All of that free love and how often we take it for granted.

Let me introduce you to Teresa.

Cigarette hanging out her mouth, handbag draped over arm, mountain dew in hand and a genuine smile from ear to ear. Teresa ran to greet us both with a heartfelt hug and accolades of thanks and gratitude.

We came to interview her and share her story of loss, violation, grief, retaliation, homelessness, prostitution, drugs, humiliation, prison, abuse and finally… finally love. She endlessly thanked us for sharing her story.

Wait, what?

Teresa’s story is a gift to all of us.  She shared with us in her interview over and over, “My whole life I’d been looking for love.”

Teresa feels strongly that her life was saved by a stranger. A stranger who simply told her that she was LOVED and that she was important.

This compassion campaign we’ve initiated doesn’t require complication or hand-made or forced Valentines.

About Face Clt does request your heart, your selfless gifts, and/or validation to someone that they are important and that they are loved.

What will (or what did you) you deliver this Valentine’s Day? Whom have you told that they are LOVED and are IMPORTANT?  We want to hear about it.

Pass the red hots.


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