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Here we go!


02 Feb Here we go!

Today is launch day. I can’t believe it’s actually happening. It’s been a long journey to get here. Many hours in front of a computer trying to figure out how to build a website. Many meetings. Many hours scratching my head wondering what I am doing. And many heart-melting mind-blowing humbling devastating inspiring moments spent sitting down and getting to know some new friends here in Charlotte. I am constantly in awe of the human spirit, and the generous and wise beings that are all around me whenever I take the time to actually open my eyes. Connecting to other human beings is a profound experience, and I am so blessed to have been able to spend the last 6 months with people who have sat down with me and opened their hearts and laid themselves bare for all of us to see, to share their stories with us. It is an act of unbelievable courage to do what the people in these photos have done. To say “Here I am. This is me. I allow you to see me.” I pray that what we offer you here does them service. I pray that you are able to see the humanity, the vulnerability, the warts, the tears, the smiles, the despair, and the triumph. We are all human beings, and there is something profoundly magical when we all get together.


Thank you to Wanda, Teresa, Eric, Shareka, Gerick, Moses, and all those who will be sharing their stories with us in the weeks to come. I cannot express how grateful I am for the gifts you have given me.

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