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How many people in Charlotte live in poverty?


What would your best guess be?



According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey there are 147,989 people in Mecklenburg County living in poverty. In 2014 the poverty threshold for an individual was $11,670. For a family of four it was $23,850.

147,989 people in Charlotte living in poverty. This is shocking. Staggering. Unacceptable.  People without homes. People struggling to feed their children. People with no one to turn to. People whose world consists only of survival. People who have never experienced what it feels like to be loved.


Do we see them? Do we know their stories? Our mission is to share the stories of some of these invisible neighbors. To give voice to the voiceless. To show the face of the 147,989. And to share the stories of those that serve. To inspire us all to step beyond ourselves and into a more compassionate way of being. Stories that connect people to people, and help us all remember to care for each other.


People Living in Poverty in Mecklenburg County


Children in Charlotte living in shelters, in motels, with relatives, or in cars.


Homeless Veterans


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