About Face Charlotte | Let Us Introduce AboutFace Charlotte!
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Let Us Introduce AboutFace Charlotte!


19 Jan Let Us Introduce AboutFace Charlotte!

Several months ago Scott Gardner and Hannah Blanton had a burning desire to spark a fire within the Charlotte population and educate us all regarding the challenging situations so many of our neighbors are struggling to survive.  They had the idea to begin an awareness campaign to the people of Charlotte focusing on our neighbors in need.  Hannah and Scott wanted to do something that would shift people’s souls!  They sought out to encourage people to Love, Listen and Serve those we live amongst.  Hannah and Scott decided to put their idea into reality and, with a small tribe of sidekicks, created AboutFace Charlotte.

AboutFace Charlotte is a photographic and storytelling project that connects people to people in our community, elevates compassion and empathy and encourages ongoing acts of love and altruism.

Help us connect and care for our community.  Take some time to look at this site.  Read about the statistics, look at the photos of our neighbors and listen to their stories.  We are hoping it will cause a Shift In Your Soul!

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